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Samsung’s UV Sterilizer will keep your Devices Coronavirus Free

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As we all are aware that the cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day and still there is no cure found we need to take safety measures to keep us safe. According to WHO the coronavirus sustains for about 96 hours to 72 hours on glass surfaces and metal surfaces. In order to sanitize your mobile Samsung is introducing "Galaxy Sanitizing Service". Now, the electronics giant has released a new UV  Sterilizer  for smartphones and other daily objects.

The Seoul-based company recently announced the launch of its new UV sterilizer via an official blog post. According to the company, with the new device, users can “quickly disinfect smartphone, earbuds, and glasses in just 10 minutes, wherever they are.”

So how does it work ? It works like the other smartphone sanitization devices that are available. The device features dual UV-C lights that can sanitize the front as well as the back side of smartphone.

Also, according to Samsung, the UV sterilizer has “a sleek and minimal design” and can fit smartphones up to 7-inches, along with other things like wireless earbuds and sunglasses.

The Galaxy Sanitization kit comprises of a Wireless 10 W WiFi Charger which uses UV-C light. So basically, when you charge your phone, the device is also cleaned. And the company claims, over 99% of germs and bacteria are killed by the virus. It works much like Mophie and InvisibleSheild's UV-C sanitization devices.

Currently, the Samsung's UV sterilizer is available from selective online and retail stores. The device carries a price tag of around $65 (~Rs 4870), which is quite affordable prices.

In the times of global pandemic the count is increasing nation wide. its time that we take the responsibility and we have to learn to live in this pandemic and take care of ourselves. 

Samsung’s UV Sterilizer is a great initiative that can be used for sanitation for people who have no other option but to work. So if you want to keep yourselves and your close ones Safe, just like a Sanitizer, Smartphone sterilizer is essential too.


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