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Whatsapp new feature

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Whatsapp New Feature

Whatsapp is currently working on a new feature that will make it users to add contacts to their list by scanning a QR code.
The Snapchat and Instagram like feature is already available in the latest beta version for both the Android and iOS platforms and it is expected to roll out to a stable version soon enough.
It will allow users to display their own contact QR code as well as scan other person's QR code. In the beta versions, the option to display one's QR code or to scan other's QR code can be accessed via the Settings menu. 

Though it is a minor feature, but adding contacts on Whatsapp can be time taking.Now to add a contact on WhatsApp. We first need to save the contact on the phone's address book, which creates an annoying extra step when you want to message someone immediately. QR codes are much more convenient way of adding someone if you're with them in person, although it won't make the process too much easier if you are doing it online.

Once you tap on Settings, you will be able to see QR code icon next to your Profile.Tapping on icon will display your code on the screen. To scan other's code, you need to switch tabs and tap on 'Scan Code'

credits @ wabetainfo.com

According to the WABetainfo this feature is available today for all Android beta users once updating to the 2.20.171 version. Previous versions might get the feature as well, but it’s always recommended to use the latest Android beta version available on the Play Store: the most updated version helps to get it quickly.
If you didn’t receive the feature yet, don’t worry: WhatsApp is continuing to roll out the feature and it will be available for everyone (in beta testing environment) in the next few days.

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