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Netflix Party : Social Distancing and Chill ?

The coronavirus outbreak had lead millions to quarantine inside their homes and work remotely to stop the spread of pandemic, The best thing that people can do right now is to stay at home , maintain distance, wash your hands and have a proper diet. The outbreak will end only if we cooperate and follow the guidelines . In other words, you not only protect yourself, but you also help others stay safe when you stay at home.

To make this quarantine a less boring you can now use "Netflix Party" to binge watching shows and series on Netflix. "Netflix Party" is a Chrome Extension that allows user to chat while they watch the same movie at that time. You Log in share the viewing link with your friends or families  Make one person in charge of picking the right movie or show, as you have chosen show plays out in the screen and a chatroom appears on the right-hand side. Now you can chat, discuss or argue  about the whole film .
You can download the Extension from Here. Note : It is only available for Chrome users on desktop or laptop computers.The users must have their account on Netflix.

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So does it make social distancing a less boring. It was nearly impossible to maintain the perfect synchronization among friends while watching series may be because of long distance, work or any other reason. But now you can watch together and maintain a scheduke of it . Isn't that fun? Having an in-vision chatroom connected by a centrally controlled show makes things so much user.

Just imagine watching the Breaking Bad end episode at the same time as all of your friends , all reacting at the real time to every moment, or watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and laughing around .

There's so much about Netflix party to get excited about , Especially now when we have to survive this crisis. Not only now but this feature is a lot helpful for elderly people who are feeling isolated and alone. If you have friend or an older people you can reach to them and spend some time with them. Though it will never beat the enjoyment of watching show with big group  but for now its the best thing to do.

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