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5 new features of pubg

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5 new features of PUBG

Lets talk about the latest  recent update of PUBG:

The last update of PUBG mobile was 0.12.5 and was rolling globally for all the users. 
This update include:
1.The New Royale Pass Season had new EZ Mission License     which enabled the user to unlock and play challenges 1 week in  advance and earn free mission cards each week 
2.Users can buy items using BP
3.Updated set of character beards and parachute/flight trails.
4.New Weapons were : Skorpion, a machine pistol that fires 9mm       rounds, ammo capacity
5.Added Dedicated servers for players in Middle East .

The 5 new Best upcoming features are:

The newest update to hit PUBG mobile is 0.13.0 which has introduced quite new things. The most significant are the new team deathmatch, which will be available in both FPP and TPP .
The Vikendi map will now see footprints. Present zombies like Tyrant, G, Licker and Zombie cop aer being removed, and soon new Zombies will be introduced soon .Plus we could be getting new content soon because Tencent games  have paired up with the upcoming Movie Godzilla:King of Monsters. We came to know about this because of the tweet shared by on the main Pubg mobile Handle announcing the collaboration and it would be unlike the other movie collaborations before . Besides these there are some new features that have been teased and some uncovered by the leakers.

Zombie dogs:

These are the newest types of zombie that have been added to game.These zombies are faster, can jump, and even climb over walls to reach the players

Nitrogen Grenades:

This has been added in last update as well as in the new feature. These are ones that induce cold and freeze Zombies on their tracks, and slow them down which gives time to players to escape when facing a hoard of zombies.

Infinity Space:

This is the new mode that has been added to the arcade list of modes in the game which is also reffered to as Mugenspace or Infinity.  In this mode the players have to survive one night when Zombies will incessantly attack them and the team which survives is the winner.


There are new forms and subscriptions services added by Tencent Games which will reward the player for joining and other cosmetic items

Pet follow:

This is a new feature where a player will be able to have a pet follow around.This feature can be seen in game but is not accessible yet

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